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Make It Easy

Make it easy

Whenever we identify a new habit that we want to create, there is a tendency to be overambitious in our planning.  We decide that we are going to exercise so we decide we are going to run the New York City Marathon.  Or, we decide to finish our education but dream about advanced degrees before we even complete the basics.  

Whatever goal we set, we have to realize that we need to crawl before we walk.  We need to set up simple, easy steps to accomplish to build momentum.  Once we built up enough momentum we can reevaluate to determine if that advanced goal is worth pursuing.  We need to build the habit first.  If we can spend 3-4 weeks solidifying our habit, we can increase the effort each time.  But, by planning on having the increased effort before it becomes a habit, we are actually creating a mental obstacle that we need to overcome each time we have to take action.