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Let Go and Allow

Let Go, Allow

One of the most valuable lessons that I learned from Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book about the Tao Te Ching, Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life, is to let go and start allowing things to occur in my life.  I tend to want to have control over everything but control is usually an illusion.  The truth is that we don’t have nearly the control we think we do and there is so much that is outside of our control.  For years I thought that I needed to do something to get more control, but the reality was that I had to learn to embrace the unknown.  

The Tao does a great job of explaining that the world is perfect.  Regardless of how we try to label it, it really is perfect.  It goes on to say that everything that we label as good, contains bad in it and everything that we label as bad, has good in it.  There is no such thing as true goodness or true evil.  Even when something terrible happens, there is opportunity for good things to come out of it.  

Try to think of something tragic that was labeled by the media as something really bad.  Can you think of anything positive that came out of it?  I cannot think of a bad situation where there isn’t something good that can come out of it, even if the good is just a better appreciation for the things in my life.  The same goes for things that are commonly labeled as good.  Winning the lottery might be good but often changes relationships with those around you and many times leaves the individual in a worse financial situation after a few years of unlimited spending.  

Since there is really nothing that is truly good or bad and everything is a mix of both, then it starts to become clear that the world is actually a perfect system.  Once you can truly believe that, then we can start to embrace the unknown by learning to let go of our need for control and allow things to happen at their own pace.  If you do, it will suddenly feel as though you are gliding along in the direction that you want to go rather than forcing your way along.