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Entitlement could derail your system

I found out years ago that there is a part of me that can quickly rise up and sabotage my efforts.  Most people misunderstand this trap and even encourage others to grow it to get ahead.  What I have found is that systematically working to keep my sense of entitlement in check is the only way to assure I will not undermine the work that I have done.

I was reading an article today that discussed work ethic with a group of managers from various industries.  They discussed what they believed to be the keys to having a solid work ethic.  They talked about an eagerness to learn, willingness to do what is necessary and discipline.  When they described those individuals that have the worst work ethic, they all agreed that the biggest factor was that they all had a sense of entitlement.  Having a sense of entitlement is the biggest reason for an individual developing a poor work ethic.  

Sometimes I find myself getting discouraged in my quest to remain healthy.  I may find that the results of my increased effort while exercising is not providing the results that I expected.  I start to feel that I deserve to see better results.  I develop a sense of entitlement that causes me to become less willing to do the necessary steps to achieve my goal.  For me, the key to staying disciplined and following a system, is to reduce this sense of entitlement.

The biggest area of my life that this sense of entitlement can destroy is my happiness.  My happiness is a product of being grateful for the things in my life, not in my feeling as though I deserve things.  When I realize just how blessed I am, it is difficult to focus on the things that I don't have.  This is the easiest way to become content and happy., simply become grateful and avoid a sense of entitlement.

Developing and following systems to contain your self of entitlement is important.  If you develop a sense of entitlement it could quickly sabotage your efforts.  It will hurt your work ethic,  discipline and happiness which will negatively impact success.  Combat entitlement by constantly being grateful.  Taken to extreme levels it will drastically reduce stress, anxiety, depression and create a content, happy lifestyle.