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100 Percent or 99 Percent

100% is a breeze 99% is a bitch

When you are using a system to accomplish a goal, understand that it is easier if you are 100% committed to that goal and system.  Being 99% committed means that every situation will be a struggle and that you will be constantly fighting to stick to the system.  Despite the fact that it seems difficult, realize that 100% is a breeze and 99% is a bitch.

If you decide to lose a few pounds and adjust your diet remember this 100% rule.  If you decide to stop eating junk food, keeping it in the house in case you decide to have some will be difficult because every day you will have to fight and struggle to stick to the plan.  Instead of fighting every day to avoid eating certain items, make sure you don’t buy the items at the grocery store.  This seems simple but too often I realized that I was committed 99% by keeping it in the house and having “cheat” days.  Even though this sounds like a great reward for working hard, it really meant that I was not 100% committed.  I decided to get rid of the cheat days, and suddenly it was easy to continue healthy eating habits.  

I had the same realization when I started exercising in the morning.  If I let myself decide in the morning whether I would sleep in or work out, I would choose to sleep in every time.  But, by being committed 100 percent, I didn’t have the option in the morning and it was easy once I stuck to the plan.  There are other strategies to make it easier to stick to a morning exercise routine that I discuss in my books, but a key principle is to follow this 100% rule.  This goes beyond discipline and it is amazing how much easier 100% commitment is than 99% commitment.  

Another way to look at this 100% rule is to look at a committed relationship.  If someone is 100% committed to someone, they will not even put themselves in a situation where something bad could occur.  If they are 99% sure they will not commit adultery, they will put themselves in bad situations and constantly have to struggle to make sure nothing happens.  It is much easier to be 100% committed to someone than it is to be 99% committed to that person.

Regardless of what system you are creating or modifying, follow this principle to make it easier on yourself.  There will be enough obstacles to overcome, going 99% towards a goal is setting yourself up for failure and making it significantly more difficult to achieve the outcome you desire.  Remember that 100% is a breeze and that 99% is a bitch


Leniency can be a great way to stick to a plan but I discuss leniency in another article and how leniency is good after a mistake, not in your commitment level.  You should be 100% in your commitment level and lenient after you make a mistake.