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Scott Miker is the author of two books on personal and professional development - "You Can't Surf from the Shore" and "Turn Potential into Production."

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Author, Speaker, Business operations professional

Scott Miker is the author of two books on personal and professional development - “You Can’t Surf from the Shore,” providing motivational support for readers in taking the first step toward a goal, and “Turn Potential into Production,” on how to use systems and habits to reach business and personal objectives. 

Scott's career has focused on business operations and how to improve businesses of all sizes, in all industries, throughout his career.  Scott currently oversees the operations for a growing home medical equipment repair company.  He also founded a small audio-engineering firm, led cross-functional teams for a Fortune 1000 company, developed new programs for the region’s largest small business support organization, oversaw the purchase and management of one of the fastest growing franchises in the country, and taught courses at Ohio’s largest public community college.

Scott earned a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Tiffin University with a concentration in leadership and a Bachelors degree in Psychology from Kent State University.  

While transforming business systems to build and grow companies Scott realized that there are similar principles in personal development.  He shares this insight with readers to use in their personal lives by focusing on the systems and habits approach to improvement. 

Scott currently lives in the Cleveland Ohio area with his wife, 2 daughters and dog, Roxy.

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This website provides an overview on systems and habits and how to evaluate and adjust the aspects of our lives to achieve success.  




The explore section provides a high level overview on systems and habits.  Through exploratory articles the reader can understand the value in using systems to achieve their goals.



Understanding systems means that one understands the basic principles of systems thinking and can use that to develop habits, processes and behaviors that align with these basic principles.  This section gives an overview on important principles of system building.



Understanding the theory of how to use a system to achieve only takes you so far.  This section provides examples of how you can use a system to achieve a common goal or objective.



The develop section is where the focus shifts from simply understanding the value of systems to creation of the systems in your own life.  Many times the systems and habits are already formed and this section will explain how to manipulate the current systems to achieve your idea of success.