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Systematic Failure is What Most People Accept

Systematic failure is what most people accept

Why is it that we can set a goal, know exactly what it takes to achieve that goal, and still fall short?  If I set my mind to lose 10 pounds, know how to exercise, will that mean that I will reach that objective?  

Regardless of what goal you are trying to achieve, you likely know that there is some additional factor that comes into play.  Some say that it is discipline, some say it is determination and others say it is persistence.  The reality is that there is always an underlying system at work.  That system is much more likely to determine success or failure than any other aspect.  Yet, most people focus on the goals and how to set the goals.  To me goals mean nothing if the underlying system is not addressed.  The reason is that we may all understand common sense, but common sense and common behavior can be taking you in opposite direction.

If you ask most people who struggle with their health what they should be doing to be healthier, they will likely know the answer.  They will say that they should eat better, exercise more, quit smoking etc.  Understanding how to be healthy is common sense, they might say.  The reality is that the behavior doesn't follow their logical understanding of their health.  

Dave Ramsey is a financial guru who helps people get out of debt and build wealth.  He argues that if you gave someone the money to pay off their credit card debt, they will likely fall back into debt in a short period of time.  They don't seem to learn their lesson.  He argues that they need to change their systems for handling money to see any real change.  

The government is another example of systematic failure.  Despite a growing deficit the government continues to spend and spend.  Every politician claims to know they answer.  They may have the knowledge to change but don't follow the right behaviors to change.  As long as we maintain the same system, we will continue to be indebted to other countries.  

Systematic failure is what most people accept.  They think that change will be too difficult and that there must exist a quick fix.  They spend all of their time and effort searching for the quick fix instead of making adjustments to the underlying system.  They know they should change and follow common sense, but then go back to their common behavior, which  was failing them.  Instead of looking for a quick change, look to finally make systematic adjustments to achieve your goals.  Once you do, you can escape the mistake of knowing what to do but being unable to do it.