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Always Room For Improvement

There is always room for improvement - 3 ways to regain control

The other day I found myself very stressed out about several things in my life.  I was anxious about a project at work, about unexpected personal expenses, and about the weather, among other things.  Each area, I felt, was being held back by something external.  There was something beyond my control that was "causing" the added anxiety.  Finally I realized that I couldn't let these external things determine my success or failure.  I had to try and regain control.  From this experience I learned 3 important things to remember when we feel something external has control over us.

1. We might not have control over external things but we always have the ability to take control internally.  We always chose our response to a situation.  There has been countless research studies that explore how two different people can respond to the same situation in two completely different ways.  It all comes down to our response.  The only way that I have been able to control my response was by a focused and deliberate behavior change.  

2. There is always room to improve.  We may not like the way our spouse acts, or the way our company's leadership team handles situations, but there is always room for us to improve.  It may not always be obvious, but I guarantee there is something productive and positive that you could be doing towards any goal.  How much you do is up to you.


3. Stressing out about something is pointless.  Don't assume that happiness is something that has to wait until you reach a goal.  If you claim that you will be happy when... You lose 10 pounds, get a promotion, or the kids go back to school, etc. then you are depriving yourself happiness.  I heard someone once say that there is "no way to happiness,” and that "happiness is the way.”  Start living from this content mindset but understand that you still cannot become complacent.  

The world is always changing.  Don't hold on for dear life, instead embrace the ride.  Look for opportunities instead of fixating on risks or what could happen.  The only way that I have been able to do this is by utilizing systems that keep me focused on what I can control, how I can improve and remaining content and happy.  If you shift your mindset to this, you will be able to gain control of the daily stresses of life.  

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