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Don't Just Talk

Don’t just talk, Act

One of my biggest pet peeves is people that always want to talk and never want to take action.  They can tell you everything you do wrong, how to fix every problem in the world, and what mistakes everyone makes but for some reason they can’t actually do anything! 

I don’t want exercise advice from someone who is obese and I don’t want financial advice from someone who just filed for bankruptcy.  In business I don’t want an employee to complain about everyone else’s work but not produce anything themselves.  

The reason I am so incredibly passionate about systems, is because this is the only strategy that I have found that continually works.  Nothing else even comes close for me.  The diets never work long term, the financial gimmicks usually are a rip-off and those that say the most, tend to do the least.  

Systems break through that by focusing on small steps that turn into habits and create change over a long period of time through continuous hard work.  

There is a story about Jerry Seinfeld who is one of the most successful comedians ever.  A younger comedian asked Jerry for advice and Jerry simply explained his system for developing jokes.  He said to write every single day and gave advice about he achieves that feat.

Focusing on systems is how to break away from talking and move to action.  It shifts the focus from perfection to progress and from potential to production.  Most importantly it moves thought to action to behavior to habit.  

Imagine how you will feel a year from now if you put in a simple system that will help you achieve your goal?  Don’t fall for the talkers who can’t do, instead take action and create a new habit!