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CEO CFO of Your Life

CEO CFO of Your Life

I am always amazed when I see someone who is successful in their career but very unsuccessful in many other areas of their life.  I have realized that we may understand the keys to success in business, but are often unable to translate that to our personal lives.  We feel out of balance, unprepared and complacent.  Take a few cues from the business world to transform your life and achieve success in areas that are important to you.

  1. Businesses have to plan.  They spend significant money to make sure they have the best people that can help create the best strategy for their organization.  
  2. Businesses have to budget.  Detailed budgets are created to make sure departments are accomplishing their financial goals and spending their money appropriately.  
  3. Businesses focus on systematic improvement.  Businesses create processes for every aspect in order to assure that, regardless of the people running the systems, they succeed.  

By understanding businesses and how they are structured to be successful, we can then use the same processes to improve in any area of our lives.  

  1. We need to plan.  We need to understand the direction that we are going and what we should do if we find adversity and hit obstacles.  We can’t expect to perform at a high level by “winging” it.  
  2. We have to create and follow a budget.  The budget is important for us to understand the financial impact of things in our life.  Relying on credit cards will usually lead to significant debt and ultimately paying a lot more for something that what it actually costs.
  3. We need to focus on systematic improvement.  We don’t have the same concerns about employee turnover and having processes in place in case someone leaves the company, but we still need to have systems in place in order to control our growth and improvement.

Take control of your life by using the same processes that businesses have used to grow for centuries.  You are the CEO of your life.  You are in charge and only you have the ability to improve.  Do this by making sure you have the best systems in place to take you in the direction that want to move.