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What tendencies do you ignore?

Improving Systems and Habits

Scott Miker is the author of several books that describe how to use systems and habits to improve.  This free blog provides articles that to help understand the principles related to building systems.  

What tendencies do you ignore?

Scott Miker

We all have tendencies to think and behave in similar ways in similar situations.  It could be that we always tend to act in a certain way in social situations or in relationships or when stress builds up. 

Tendencies are natural and represent the systems and habits we have already developed and ingrained in our daily thoughts and actions.  It is only when we have the tendency to do something detrimental to our growth and improvement that we notice these tendencies.

But we can break these automated elements if we desire to change the outcome.  We can push ourselves past our current limitations by reprogramming our tendencies. 

What if we develop the tendency to stick with a problem instead of running away at the first sign of challenge?  What if we develop the tendency to stop and see the other side when we are in a disagreement?

Most people never spend time trying to change these automated elements of their life.  They simply go through the motions, letting these thoughts and behaviors drive them.  Then they spend all of their conscious thought justifying their actions instead of asking if there is a better way.

Simply by seeing that these tendencies exist you now have the ability to change them.  You can improve these elements so they drive you in the direction you desire.  They can be the driving force that helps you achieve your goals and dreams.

But first you have to understand how to tackle these aspects of life.  The systems and habits approach to improvement takes advantage of the principles of these to help you create positive ones in your life. 

Then you can constantly tweak and improve them over time as you get closer and closer to achieving the version of you that you know exists but too often remains hidden.  You can effectively turn all of the potential that exists inside you and turn it into production. 

A better understanding of these principles will help you start to identify areas of your life where these automated thoughts and behaviors exist and push you in the wrong direction. 

When you start to see these elements, you can start to use the principles behind them to change them.  They are designed to resist change so you have to know how to change them first. 

This requires changing what you do for long enough for it to stick.  And this means doing something small and easy to start.  Otherwise, you will burn out before the new habit fully develops. 

But if you can keep going, even if it is very small, those recurrences will start to build the automated repetition of habit.  Slowly it will become more and more natural and less awkward. 

Rewriting your tendencies is possible but you first have to understand they exist and then understand how to reprogram them.  They won’t change by desire or effort alone.  They require a specific approach that leverages time to eventually change those tendencies to drive you towards the success you desire.