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Become a Morning Person

Can a night owl become a morning person?

I read a study recently that said that morning people are more likely to be successful than evening people.  This got me wondering if there was any information on changing our internal clocks.  I found research that reviewed how to change our sleep patterns as well as the times we eat, what we tend to eat and many other aspects of our lives.  

The research shows that these areas can be deliberately adjusted.  We can gain control over these instead of feeling that we are born  this way.  

I am constantly focused on how to implement systems to control my life and this fits right into this goal.  The research proves that we can change these habits but it takes a consistent effort over several weeks for us to adjust and maintain a new structure.  

Our body will anticipate what's happening and will start to turn the new system into a habit.  We can't be inconsistent or sporadic but as long as we are systematic we can adjust these areas of our lives that were once thought to be so ingrained that it was beyond improvement.

We need to start small to build the habit.  If we want to wake up early we can introduce moderate exercise in the morning, turn the lights on when the first alarm goes off, stop watching TV late at night or stop eating right before bed.  The goal is to introduce a habit.  It is more important to be consistent that to be extreme when first establishing a new routine.

We are all habit-forming creatures.  We can deliberately develop habits that move us towards our goals or we can sit back and let these habits form independent of what we want.  This is encouraging and gives us hope that change is possible.  Our goals and dreams now become a series of systems that lead to success rather than a struggle with effort being the only variable to success or failure.